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Welcome to Black Green and Gold, A community dedicated to sharing the real uses and benefits of Castor Oil especially Jamaican Black Castor Oil. You must be commended for taking the time to separate yourself from those among you who fail to use their bottle of Jamaican Black Castor Oil to its fullest potential.

I see many persons on the web who are making mistakes when it comes to the use of Jamaican Black Castor Oil for hair growth as well as its other uses. These mistakes range from very simple, to the point of serious hair and scalp damage.

They should not be blamed however they were mere victims of misleading information. My hope is that this website will shed some light to help prevent incidents like these when using Jamaican Black Castor Oil.

The benefits of castor oil are extensive and have been used to improve health and wellness. Castor oil benefits the skin, hair, internal organs and has great anti-viral properties. Many people are familiar with the common uses, but there are quite a few that may surprise you. Below is a list of the overall benefits of castor oil.

Black Castor Oil for Hair

  1. Prevents and treats split ends
  2. Encourages the growth of long eye lashes
  3. Encourages the growth of thick luxurious hair
  4. Moisturizes the hair and scalp
  5. Nourishes the hair and hair follicles
  6. Prevents drying out of the skin in the scalp
  7. Darkens the hair
  8. Minimizes hair damage
  9. Softens the hair
  10. Makes the hair shiny
  11. Prevents thinning of the hair
  12. Treats dandruff and dry scalp

Black Castor Oil For Skin

  1. Soften and condition the skin
  2. Treatment of Acne and Warts
  3. Skin infections
  4. Heal dry and chapped skin
  5. Cleanse the skin and clear and tighten pores
  6. Cure Age spots and hyper pigmentation
  7. Treats Skin Abrasions
  8. Removes Corns and calluses
  9. Treat skin rashes
  10. Soothing the eyes and remove bags from under eyes
  11. Treat ringworm and other fungal infections
  12. Helps fight wrinkles by stimulating collagen production

Black Castor Oil for Medicinal Uses

  1. Hookworm and other intestinal parasites
  2. Ringworm and fungal infections such as athlete’s foot
  3. Arthritis and other medical conditions causing painful joints
  4. Colitis and irritable bowel syndrome
  5. Hernias
  6. Gallstones
  7. Parkinson’s disease
  8. Cerebral palsy
  9. Sebaceous cysts
  10. Gynecological problems such as yeast infections
  11. Improve liver and gall bladder function
  12. Ease painful arthritic joints
  13. Multiple Sclerosis
  14. Treats premature balding (alopecia)
  15. Taken as a laxative

Other Interesting uses Of Jamaican Black Castor Oil

Used to induce labor
Manufacturing of soap
Lubricant in hydraulics and brake fluids
First- aid treatment

Sit back, relax, and enjoy… Let your Jamaican Black Castor Oil Beauty journey begin!

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