This natural product has a clear incidence to strengthen the hair and give back all its vigor. Then its properties and how to apply them to look radiant hair for months

The Omega 9 fatty acids found in castor oil contain components that help improve the health of the hair and especially the follicles. The ricinoleic acid that abounds in castor oil and has an anti-bacterial and antifungal effect capable of killing fungi and bacteria that prevent normal hair growth.


This is a valid alternative to replace all those capillary treatments that the market proposes to us today at very high prices and without guarantee of good results.


If you have brittle, dull, dry hair with dandruff and notes that growth is slow and weak, try it with castor oil and you will not regret this choice. You will not need to wait too long to get the following benefits:


– Strengthen hair.

– Reduction of the fall.

– Stimulation of growth.

– Deep hydration of the follicles.

– Reduction of dryness.

– Improvement of the general appearance (closed ends open).

– Reduces the harmful effects of using hair dryers and flat irons.



Just by rubbing a little castor oil on the scalp after a few weeks you can get all these amazing results.

For a better distribution it is possible to use a brush to dye and with the help of a comb to separate the portions of hair so that the oil penetrates in all the sectors.


Then massage the entire surface where the castor oil was applied to penetrate the scalp. Once covered the whole head with the same comb extends along the rest of the hair or add a few more drops in your hands to distribute it evenly. Try to pay special attention to the tips that are always the most punished and the most exposed.


Use a bathing cap so you can sleep all night with this hair treatment and in the morning wash with plenty of water and shampoo.

Repeat this same procedure three times a week for best results. If you notice that the castor oil is too heavy, it is possible to lighten it with a little coconut oil or almond oil.



This same strengthening effect can be achieved by using castor oil in eyebrows and eyelashes. This will make them thicker and avoid falling and weakening.


Can it be used on the skin?


Of course! Castor oil is able to penetrate the layers of the skin helping you to accelerate the healing process. Its compounds stimulate the production of essential collagen and elastin to improve the quality of the skin, prevent the appearance of wrinkles, reduce lines of expression, moisturize, prevent the appearance of warts and dermatitis. You can also apply it in cases of acne and boils.


The emollient action of castor oil is ideal for treating the dryness of the lips that are usually punished especially in times of cold. Also, the natural loss of skin moisture as a result of the passage of time or after recovering from a disease can benefit from the use of castor oil as it helps to recover this skin that is easily dehydrated.


And not only has a therapeutic action on the lips but also recomposes the skin to make them look more attractive by regaining the natural shine and giving them a better appearan

Black Castor Oil, the most effective product for capillary health

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