What Would You Do in This Scenario?

My best friend and I went out shopping a few weeks ago and the strangest thing happened. So she has Type 3c natural hair and it’s very pretty with defined curl patterns and blond highlights. We were in the mall and two women came up to us and was marveling over her hair and then one of them asked if they could touch her hair.

She got very annoyed and said no. I was a bit puzzled and asked her what was the big problem with people touching her hair. I know i wouldn’t mind but then again I don’t have her hair type. She replied that she had spent hours on her hair and wasn’t about to let someone run their fingers through it and mess it up.

I guess you could say that I kinda agree with her and totally understand where she was coming from with it.

Now a similar question was asked on Facebook and I had to share the responses with you.
























































































What is your take in a situation like this? We would love to hear in the comments below!

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Does it bother you when people ask to touch your hair? – What Would You Do?

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