Castor Oil Beauty Handbook 

With 17 Natural home-made Recipes for Hair and Skin

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Women and men alike everywhere have had some problem or another growing their hair. It’s so painful and disappointing when our hair isn’t growing as fast as we want it.

We all want healthy, smooth, shiny hair and it’s a struggle for us. Many of us have tried products after products and where some have worked, others have not.

Now I am sure you have tried Castor oil some time or another in your hair care journey but are you really using your bottle of castor oil to its full advantage and do you even know why castor oil works so well and how it works?

The Castor Oil Beauty Handbook provides detailed information about castor oil and its many uses for hair growth, hair care, skin care, dandruff, dry scalp, induce labor and so many other uses.


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It’s scientifically proven that humans approximately lose 100 strands of hair every single day so don’t worry. However do you ever feel like you are losing just too many strands and you have tried to address it but haven’t had much success?

Well surely Castor Oil is no miracle oil but it certainly has helped a LOT of people to slow down hair loss and even re-grow lost hair faster when they use the right combination of recipes.

In Castor Oil Beauty Handbook, we seek to provide you with all the information you need to have healthy hair in no time and provide you with recipes that will get you using one bottle of castor oil to its fullest potential.

Preview Snippets of What is Inside 

Do you know how to make your hair treatment products more effective so your hair can grow faster? The truth is, most people are not aware of how important opening the cuticle on each hair strand is to get the chemicals to penetrate the hair deep down. We will show you how to do this…here is a snippet of this section in the handbook.

Opening The Cuticle

After you have opened the cuticle (whether knowingly of unknowingly), so that the chemicals can penetrate and do its work, most of us leave our hair cuticles open. This is where your hair can get seriously damaged. I was guilty of this too… This snippet is from a section in the handbook where you will learn why it is just as important to close the hair cuticle as it is opening the cuticle.

Closing The Cuticle

When you do not close the cuticle of your hair this is how it gets damaged…

Hair Damage

This is one of the recipes contained in the handbook. With all the ingredients, the amount to be used and the directions of how to use them.

Avacado and Casto Oil Hair Mask


Castor Oil Challenge?… Or Just Planning To Growing Your Hair Faster?

Whether you are planning to enter a castor oil challenge or just growing your hair faster, this handbook is the perfect reference to have right at your fingertips.  Join the hundreds who have benefited from our wealth of knowledge over the years and like them you can have success with this resource in your catalog.

Get the Castor Oil Beauty Handbook at this special promotional 50% discounted price,

and make a good start to growing long, thick, healthy beautiful hair the way you know YOU can.


castor oil book 3 big

Only $18.98

%50 Seasonal Discount Special = 9.49

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