Interesting uses of Jamaican Black Castor Oil

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Treating Medical Conditions

Castor oil has many anti-bacterial, anti-viral and anti-fungal properties, in addition to the oil being an excellent source of omega 6 fatty acids. These are used by the body to produce molecules essential that are body functions. Because of the health benefits of all of these compounds there are many castor oil uses in medicine, and the oil is added to many modern drugs to improve function.

Some of the most common castor oil uses to improve health and wellness include using it to treat the following ailments:

Hookworm and other intestinal parasites

Ringworm and fungal infections such as athlete’s foot

Arthritis and other medical conditions causing painful joints

Colitis and irritable bowel syndrome



Parkinson’s disease

Cerebral palsy

Gynecological problems such as yeast infections

Induce Labor

Castor oil has been used for centuries to start the birth process. The oil has a powerful effect on smooth muscle and can trigger the onset of labor. When a woman has reached full term with no sign of labor starting naturally, castor oil can be taken orally to encourage labor to begin. Castor oil causes the smooth muscle to contract in the intestines, which in turn stimulates contractions in the uterus. Labor can start in as little as a couple of hours after an oral dose of castor oil have been taken. It important that you talk to your doctor or midwife before taking castor oil to induce labor as it may have an adverse on you.



The most common and oldest use of castor oil is as a laxative in the treatment of constipation. It helps to remove fecal matter by soothing and purging the upper and lower intestinal tract. Do you remember getting a spoonful of castor oil every summer before going back to school then spend the entire weekend, regretting all the wonderful food you had the entire summer? To improve the taste, my grandmother would add it to a glass of milk.


Cures Insomnia

Castor oil can be applied over your eyelids before going to bed to cure insomnia. This leaves you with a feeling of deep relaxation for a peaceful slumber.

Stomach Ache

To relieve stomach ache, castor oil is used to relieve pain and help to expel trapped gas. Rub the castor oil between your palms and massage gently over the abdomen and navel area.


Castor Oil Packs

This post would not be complete without the perfect treatment that can be used for a wide range of conditions. A castor oil pack is used to increase circulation and to promote elimination and healing of tissues and organs underneath the skin. It is used to stimulate the liver, relieve pain, enhance the immune system, increase circulation of blood and lymph, reduce inflammation, and improve digestion.

Jamaican Black Castor Oil is often applied simply by rubbing it on the lower ribs and abdominal areas

What you need:

– Jamaican Black Castor Oil Castor oil

– Cotton flannel large enough to cover the area

– Plastic wrap to cover the flannel

-hot water bottle/warm blanket


How to prepare the pack

1. Make a small pad by folding the flannel into 3 or 4 layers

2. Place the flannel in a container and soak it with castor oil.

3. Place the pack on the affected body part and cover with the plastic.

4. Place the hot water bottle or warm blanket over the pack. Leave it on for 30-60 minutes.

5. Rest while the pack is in place. Remove the pack and clean the area with water and baking soda.

6. Store the pack in the covered container or ziplock bag in the refrigerator until it is ready to be used again.

7. The pack can be used 3-6days in a week to treat a health condition or for detoxification. Each pack may be reused up to 25-30 times.

Interesting Uses of Jamaican Black Castor Oil

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